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    Company profile

    Suining Sirui Food Co., Ltd. is located in the Food Park of Anju District, Suining City, Sichuan Province. It is a professional meat canned food processing and marketing enterprise. The company was founded in 2014 and has been certified by HACCP system. Besides domestic sales, its products are mainly exported to the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia and so on. Hongkong and other countries and regions, export health registration code: 5100/01119.

    The company covers an area of 54 mu, 11,000 square meters of plant, with the corresponding luncheon meat workshop and small product workshop, more than 130 professional equipment. 600 tons of low-temperature transfer freezer, 200 tons of high-temperature transfer freezer, with four professional production lines, so that our annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons per year.

    More than 230 staff, including more than 30 managers and more than 20 engineers and technicians, form a professional production management team, with strong technical force to produce safe, healthy and stable product quality, form a professional sales team, timely, efficient and conscientious mentality to serve the good products and the good market.

    Our company adheres to the "hygiene first, quality as the outline, scientific management, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, to create a famous brand" health management policy, the establishment and improvement of the health management system. It has created good economic and social benefits. We warmly welcome new and old customers both at home and abroad to visit our company to seek common development and create a better tomorrow.

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